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2017 Premier League

Aero Bowls Premier League Queensland

Season 2017

What awaits Australian legend Kelvin Kerkow and his band of Sharks this season?

Read Steve Lowe’s season intro including first round team selections

2017 DRAWS

Round by Round Premier & A Grade updates (Sharks)

RoundVersus (Home/Away)Premier Result (score/rinks)A Grade Result (score/rinks)Sharks Report
OneGreenslopes (Away)Lost 49-53/1-2Won 77-74/2-2Round 1 - Report
TwoBelmont (Away)Won 70-58/2-1Won 80-65/2-2Round 2 - Report
ThreeHamilton (Home)Won 71-49/2-1Lost 73-77/2-2Round 3 - Report
FourKawana (Home)Won 80-33/3-0Won 89-67/3-1Round 4 - Report
FiveEnoggera (Away)Won 64-52/2-1Lost 59-97/1-3Round 5 - Report
SixPine Rivers (Away)Lost 36-80/0-3Won 75-72/2.5-1.5Round 6 - Report
SevenHelensvale (Home)Lost 58-61/1-2Lost 61-66/3-1Round 7 - Report
EightSwifts (Away)Lost 54-55/1-2Lost 72-81/2-2Round 8 - Report
NineTweed Heads (Home)Won 58-47/2-1Won 98-70/3-1Round 9 - Report
TenCapalaba (Home)Won 63-45/2-1Won 99-67/3.5-0.5Rouind 10 - Report
ElevenBroadbeach (Home)


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 Steve Lowe Reports

Get the latest Shark and general PLQ information from our very own Steve Lowe (Sharks President). You can read his thoughts HERE or via the Tweed Daily News

Round by Round updates (all teams)

View all the weekly results, team ladders & best performing skips

FINALS Weekend to be played  25 & 26 March 2017

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