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Special Saturday (Monthly) Events

1st Saturday of every month is BIG BAND Jazz afternoon from 3pm.  Every 4-6 weeks we will have an event night that includes tributes to major acts or local artists.  The Australian Eagles Show, The Beach Boyz, INEXCESS and the Creedence Show are all in the 2017 line up.  Also we hope to have The Highwaymen, Lisa Hunt, Round Mountain Girls in our 2017 schedule.

Sunday (Monthly) Events

Each Sunday the Caldera Country Music Club join us on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 12noon to 5pm while the last Sunday of the month features a free rock n roll band (dancing highly encouraged!) from 1pm-4pm.

Tuesday (Weekly) Nights

from 5pm to 8.30pm  |   Usually a solo artist in the Skylines Lounge

 Saturday (Weekly)

from 3pm  |  FREE Jazz (a mixture of artists, changing weekly) in the Skylines Lounge

(note time change from September 2pm start then 2.30pm from October (DST)

Every month (usually the 1st Sat) we have an extra special BIG BAND Jazz afternoon – please check our guides for all the information.

Saturday Nights (Weekly)

from 7pm (add 1/2 hr in DST)  |  various artists/genres

Each month will feature a Cabaret night with resident band and guest artist, a rock n roll themed night, a country & western theme night and a special event artist/band night.



2nd Sunday every monthLast Sunday every month

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FREE Special Event Nights


Sat 25 February 2017Sat 15 April 2017

Upcoming events

Event Name Event Date
BIG Band Jazz - Artist to be confirmed 4 March 2017
Cabaret Night featuring Country Music Starlet Kiara Rodrigues 4 March 2017
Steve Michael 7 March 2017
Long Gone Daddys 11 March 2017
Caldera Country Music Club 12 March 2017
Mary Ann Leyden 14 March 2017
Gemini (Rock n Roll Duo) 18 March 2017
Caleb Lafaitele 21 March 2017
Groove Doctor 25 March 2017
Sunday Arvo Rock n Roll (Wally & the Gators) 26 March 2017
Milton Q 28 March 2017
BIG Band Jazz - Artist to be confirmed 1 April 2017
Cabaret Night featuring Rhydian Lewis 1 April 2017
Paul Lindenberg 4 April 2017
Just the Ticket 8 April 2017
Caldera Country Music Club 9 April 2017
Wendy Gold 11 April 2017
The Beach Boyz (Easter Sat Special Event) 15 April 2017
Caleb Lafaitele 18 April 2017
The Dukes 22 April 2017
Dan McCoy 25 April 2017
Highwaymen II 29 April 2017
Sunday Arvo Rock n Roll (Long Gone Daddys) 30 April 2017
Sunday Arvo Rock n Roll (Long Gone Daddys) 28 May 2017