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South Tweed Bowls Club [now trading as South Tweed Sports] is a medium-large Club on the far north coast of NSW, a mere five kilometres from the Queensland border. Situated on the Eukerabagh Passage of the Tweed River, the Club currently provides a range of sporting, dining, and entertainment options to its 7,000 plus members and visitors. The Club began in the mid 1960’s….

  • 1962 a public meeting of 44 people elected a provisional committee to form a bowling club
  • 1964 a formation meeting confirmed the decision to form a Club. Office bearers were elected
  • 1965 the lands department gave final approval to the site next to Water Street (a sandy track then)
  • 1966 saw the Clubhouse completed in November and the first alcoholic beverage consumed. The 7th division pennant team collected the winner’s flag. By the 1970’s, the Club was growing in size and bowling prowess…
  • 1977 New building (existing members area, auditorium and bowls offices) constructed
  • 1978 Lights installed and in use on all 3 bowling greens
  • By the end of the 1980’s, the Club began the process of building the first stage of a master plan incorporating a second level building…
  • 1990 welcomed $8 million dollars worth of renovations and extensions that increased the Club size 3 times over (administration, cellar, storage 1st floor, car parking, simply put, everything upstairs from the Members area)
  • 1995 the first venture into theming with Pizarros casino renovation.
  • Entering the new millennium, 1999/00 Renovations and extensions worth $4.3 million dollars added a multi-purpose function room(s), new café & bar, renovated restaurant, a new outdoor/indoor dining area plus an indoor bowls facility.
  • 1999 was a year that the Club won a Gold Globe for energy efficient planning and results through SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority)
  • 1990-2000 saw 28 (twenty-eight) District Pennant Flags/Titles won between the Men & Ladies
  • 2002 had South Tweed begin its first partnership with a sporting group [South Tweed Colts Cricket Club] who’s principal activities occur outside of the club boundaries
  • 2004 had South Tweed winning the BEX (Tweed Business Excellence Awards) Environmental Awareness award and a finalist in the category of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation
  • 2006 the Club again finalists in the BEX awards, Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation & Customer Service. Also, two Chefs made the ClubsNSW Chef’s Table State Final
  • 2007-08 again finalists in the Bex Awards (Best Restaurant – Rainforest Bistro), WINNER BEX Customer Service Award (Jan Bradley, Supervisor)
  • 2009 the Cantina Bar enjoys a much needed renovation, new larger Sharky’s kids club, TAB returns!
  • 2013 something about that Cantina Bar, it gets another cool makeover :)
  • 2014 the Skylines Lounge (part 1) refurbishment sees funky new lighting, furniture and privacy screening

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