Join us at our bistro-style restaurant and treat yourself to a dining experience like no other. Relax, unwind, and relish in the breathtaking views of the Tweed River while savoring delectable cuisine prepared with care and passion.

With a seating capacity of 150, our restaurant provides ample space for you to enjoy a memorable meal. Take advantage of our convenient online booking system to secure your spot and ensure a seamless dining experience. For larger groups or those seeking a more intimate setting, we offer overflow seating options in our Skylines lounge or Secret Garden, guaranteeing that there is always room for everyone.

Exciting news! We have recently introduced a selection of new menu items that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Be sure to explore our menu to discover these delightful additions. We take pride in serving quality food at a reasonable price, and our dishes are cooked to order. While this may require a little extra time, we assure you that the wait will be worth it.

Please note that our menu items and prices are subject to change at any time as we strive to offer you the best culinary experience possible. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

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Opening Hours
Lunch 7 Days 11:30am - 2:00pm
Dinner 7 Nights 5:30pm - 8:00pm

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