Your family friendly club since 1964

South Tweed Sports

  • Casual & Competitive Bowls
  • Great value lunch & dinner
  • Entertainment for everyone


Saturday 25th January 8pm
Saturday 29th February 8pm
Saturday 28th March 8pm
Saturday 25th April 7:30pm



December 2019

Sunday 1st – Martin Way 12pm

Tuesday 3rd – Joe Phillips 6pm
Wednesday 4th – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 6th – Darren J Ray 1pm
Friday 6th – Jake & the Cadillacs 7pm
Saturday 7th – Well Swung Daddies 2pm
Saturday 7th – Abbigale Anderson Duo 7:30pm
Sunday 8th – Caldera Country 12pm

Tuesday 10th – Tweed Coast Band Christmas Carols 6pm
Wednesday 11th – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 13th – Marco 1pm
Friday 13th – Buddy Love & the Tremors 7pm
Saturday 14th – Christmas songs by Sing Sisters 2pm
Saturday 14th – Vanessa Sanger Duo 7:30pm
Sunday 15th – Brett Hitchcock 12pm

Tuesday 17th – Tweed Coast Band Christmas Carols 6pm
Wednesday 18th – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 20th – Tracey Vaughan 1pm
Friday 20th – Rockin’ Bodgies 7pm
Saturday 21st – Jazz Jam 2pm
Saturday 21st – Magnetic Force 7:30pm
Sunday 22nd – Mark Windle 12pm

Tuesday 24th (Christmas Eve) – No entertainment or Badge Draw
Wednesday 25th (Christmas Day) – Brett Hitchcock 11am
Friday 27th – Glenn Shields 1pm
Friday 27th – Johnny & the Easy Riders 7pm
Saturday 28th – Jazz Jam 2pm
Saturday 28th – Gemini 7:30pm
Sunday 29th – Phill Guest 12pm

Tuesday 31st (NYE) – Rhythm Ratz 8pm
Tuesday 31st (NYE) –  Little Stevie & the Tail Fins (SOLD OUT)

January 2020

Friday 3rd – Trevor White 1pm
Friday 3rd – Route 66 7pm
Saturday 4th – Sweet Thunder Jazz 2pm
Saturday 4th – Hot Pursuit 7:30pm
Sunday 5th – Mark Windle 12pm

Tuesday 7th – Brett Hitchcock 6pm
Wednesday 8th – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 10th – Marco 1pm
Friday 10th – Little Stevie & the Tail Fins 7pm
Saturday 11th – Jazz Jam 2pm
Saturday 11th – Back Trackin’ 7:30pm
Sunday 12th – Caldera Country 12pm

Tuesday 14th – Martin Way 6pm
Wednesday 15th – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 17th – Russell Sprout 1pm
Friday 17th – Dance On 7pm
Saturday 18th – Jazz Jam 2pm
Saturday 18th – The Dukes 7:30pm
Sunday 19th – Dr Love 12pm

Tuesday 21st – Abbigayle Anderson 6pm
Wednesday 22nd – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 24th – Susie J 1pm
Friday 24th – Point Blank 7pm
Saturday 25th – Jazz Jam 2pm
Saturday 25th – Come on Aussie Tribute show 8pm
Sunday 26th – Martin Way 12pm

Tuesday 28th – iMark Music 6pm
Wednesday 29th – Russell Hinton 1:30pm
Friday 31st – Joe the Ace 1pm
Friday 31st – Buddy Love & the tremors 7pm


Special Jazz Events

Saturday 7th December – Well Swung Daddies 2pm
Saturday 14th December – Christmas songs from Sing Sisters 2pm

Friday Afternoon Melodies

Friday 6th December – Darren J Ray 1pm
Friday 13th December – Marco 1pm
Friday 20th December – Tracy Vaughan 1pm
Friday 27th December – Glenn Sheilds 1pm

Rockin’ & Rollin’ Fridays 

Friday 6th December – Jake & the Cadillacs 7pm
Friday 13th December – Buddy Love & the Tremors 7pm
Friday 20th December – Rockin Bodgies 7pm
Friday 27th December – Johnn & the easy riders 7pm


2nd Sunday every month