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Special Saturday (Monthly) Events

1st Saturday of every month is BIG BAND Jazz afternoon from 3pm.  Every 4-6 weeks we will have an event night that includes tributes to major acts or local artists.  The Australian Eagles Show, The Beach Boyz, The Beatlegs and the Creedence Show have already played great shows in 2017.  The first half of 2018 will feature the UK Bee Geez, the Australian Eagles Show, the Beach Boyz, Creedence Clearwater Revival Tributre Show, the Pink Tribute and Round Mountain Girls.

EVENT NIGHTS and reserved seating.  Our event nights are proving to be very popular and recently we’ve introduced variations, including dinner & show, limited reserved seating (both at a cost) and free seating.  To answer the question why…..

We began with a NO reservation/first in best dressed policy.  However at the February Eagles show, we had a group ‘unofficially’ reserve 30 or so seats and other smaller groups doing likewise.  This led to some minor arguments and disruptions and I’m sure most would agree it’s not a  good look to see a person holding down a batch of unfilled seats while many people arrive and looking for a seat.  At this time a group of members said ‘we’d be happy to pay a small cover charge to reserve a seat’…..

So, we decided to split the room roughly in half and ensure we had 80-100 seats of pay for/reserved seats and 80-100 free/first in best dressed seats.  The reserved seats are charged at $8 as at Dec 17 (a $5 club food voucher was given back on the night).  Having seen this system now in place for numerous events we can say that the vast majority of people are comfortable with this system.  Not perfect, but better.  To be fair some members/visitors are not happy, some say we should charge all and others say we shouldn’t call it a free show with a charge.  In July, we tried Our answers to this….

To charge all – we prefer to keep an open room for ease of access in and out for staff serving meals, clearing tables etc and for patrons to move freely and easily.  The open plan adds a great visual and aural ambience to the Club to see/hear what’s going on.  It also allows people to sit free of charge at the back end of the room and into the Bistro seating and still hear/see the act and wander up to the dance floor if they choose to.

You shouldn’t call it a free show – we don’t wish to argue the point forever about this.  Yes we do charge for some seats but we have yet to have a situation where any member or visitor could not sit around the side wings, back of the room or in the Bistro.  Not one member/visitor has not been able to enjoy the show at no cost.  We will endeavour to clarify the seating arrangements for future events in more detail via this website, social media and printed flyers and advertisements.

How do I book/reserve a seat and are there any conditions?

  • Call/visit our Reception staff 07 5524 3655 or email [email protected]
  • Payment in full ($8 p/p) is required to confirm the booking
  • $5 Bistro voucher provided on the night for each paying person | wristband provided to confirm a reserved seat holder
  • Customers must in the building by 6.30pm | we reserve the right to reuse the seat if customer not present (you can call ahead if circumstances delay you).  Voucher still supplied upon late arrival
  • Any questions?  Call or email 07 5524 3655 [email protected]

Sunday (Monthly) Events

Each Sunday the Caldera Country Music Club join us on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 12noon to 5pm while the last Sunday of the month features a free rock n roll band (dancing highly encouraged!) from 1pm-4pm.

Tuesday (Weekly) Nights

from 5.30pm to 8.30pm  |   Usually a solo artist in the Skylines Lounge

Friday (Weekly) Nights

from 5.30pm to 8.30pm  |   Solo artist in the Hub (between Skylines & the Bistro)

 Saturday (Weekly)

from 2.30pm  |  FREE Jazz (a mixture of artists, changing weekly) in the Skylines Lounge

(note time change from September 2pm start then 2.30pm from October (DST)

Every month (usually the 1st Sat) we have an extra special BIG BAND Jazz afternoon – please check our guides for all the information.

Saturday Nights (Weekly)

from 7pm (add 1/2 hr in DST)  |  various artists/genres

Each month will feature a Cabaret night with resident band and guest artist, a rock n roll themed night, a country & western theme night and a special event artist/band night.



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FREE Special Event Nights


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Upcoming events

Event Name Event Date
Bee Geez Tribute Show 27 January 2018
Wally & the Gators 28 January 2018