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South Tweed Sports

  • Casual & Competitive Bowls
  • Great value lunch & dinner
  • Entertainment for everyone


Members Badge Draw

Our Tuesday Members Draw happens weekly between 6pm & 8pm.  It starts at $5,000 & jackpots $500 each week if unclaimed.

This week (26th June) is worth $8,000.  Conditions apply.






Saturday Mini Members Badge Draw

Share in $500 over five draws.  Swipe between 5.30pm-7.59pm to enter the $100 draws at 6pm, 7pm & 8pm.  Swipe again between 8.01pm-9.29pm for a $100 draws at 9pm & 9.30pm.  YES, members can win twice!

Any unclaimed money in draws 1-4 will go to the 5th and final draw at 9.30pm where it will be drawn until won.  See our friendly staff for more details or read the flyer here

Club Bingo

Play daily Monday to Friday.  Books on sale 10am for 10.30am start.  $3 members/$3.50 guests & children welcome.  20 games, $5 line prizes & $30 Full House.  Consolation prizes for shared wins plus jackpot games all sitting in a private, air conditioned room.


Weekly Raffles

Tickets on sale from 6pm
Drawn at 7:30pm
$300 in club vouchers

Tickets on sale from 6pm
Drawn at 7:30pm
$300 in prizes

Saturday (free tickets)
Tickets on sale from 5pm
Drawn at 6:45pm
$300 in prizes

Tickets on sale from midday
Drawn at 1:30pm
$300 in prizes

Happy Hour

Kick back in air conditioned comfort and enjoy $4.70 schooners EVERY afternoon of the week.


                                         Craft Beer

Our every day price is a fantastic $6.40 and currently on offer is Stone & Wood, Fat Yak, Wild Yak and Lazy Yak.