Board of Directors 2018-2021

Chairman: Russell Boyd
Deputy Chairman:
Directors: Hazel Ensbey, Alan Lynch, Stephen Read, Kevin Collins, Gail Meeks, Noelene Tauris


Succession Planning & Future Director Information

A strong and functional board plays a vital role in ensuring the success of our club.  With elections now occurring biennially the Board of South Tweed Sports is keen to maintain a process of succession planning.  Apart from retirements that may occur from time to time, all members have an opportunity to nominate for a position.  The 2018 AGM will include a fresh election for the Board.

Board stability is important and so is the process of change.  We need to provide for this through planning, education through information sessions and encouragement of those members who may be looking for a challenge or those that have a special core skill that needs to be represented on a Board.

These core skills include:

•    Strategic expertise – the ability to review strategy through constructive questioning and suggestion.
•    Accounting skill – the ability to read and comprehend the Club’s accounts and financial material.
•    Legal skill – the boards responsibility involves overseeing compliance with numerous laws.
•    Managing risk – decision making involves risk as does doing nothing.
•    Managing people and achieving change, experience with financial markets.
•    Industry knowledge – experience in similar organisations or industries.

Serving your Club as a Board member can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.  Sure, it will require a little of your free time but you will be rewarded by the opportunities for training and self-development and the satisfaction that you will get from helping your Club to succeed.  ClubsNSW through the Club Director’s Institute provide excellent training programs.

So how do you find out more?

We encourage interested parties to contact our Chief Executive Officer Angus Southwell who would be happy to meet with you personally over a cup of coffee and answer any questions.  Please call him on 07 5524 3655 or email him directly at [email protected].
Depending on numbers we would offer group information sessions or one on one conversations.  Following the information sessions, those members who still express an interest will be offered additional training options (free of charge).

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Annual Reporting 2021

Members may receive a copy of the financial statements
By written request to the club.

Club Constitution

Constitution (adopted 20 November 2019)

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