Gail Meek

March 28, 2024

The answer to your problems is as close as South Tweed Sports Club where one of the South Tweed’s sub-clubs is a not-for-profit computer teaching group called TACT and which conducts computer classes four days a week at South Tweed Sports Club. At only $5 per class, the opportunity is too good to miss.

President Doreen Parker said TACT (Tweed Area Computer Training) aims to help students with their use of technology in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. If you are new to the area or have lived in the Tweed area for years it is a fun way to meet people with similar interests. Classes are usually followed by a “cuppa” and a chat at the South Tweed Sports café.

No computer? No worries.

TACT has a fully equipped computer training room at South Tweed Sports Club with 10 Windows-based computers for students’ use.

The TACT team of 10 experienced teachers and their assistants operate from the fully equipped training room (see images above and below) at South Tweed Sports. They educate students on computers, iPads, tablets and smartphone technology both Android and Apple with courses on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Classes range from beginners (Computer Basics) and progress through the learning path of understanding technologies. Once students become confident with the basics TACT offers additional training including Windows 11, Exploring Word, and Photo Management etc.

Bookings are essential  Call South Tweed Sports at (07)55249212. Leave a message and one of the team will get back to you. Or you can email;

[email protected]

If you prefer, pop in and say hello.

See below for a full schedule including times, days and course topics.